“Hella bird is family owned and operated to serve you delicious food made from highest quality ingredients everything on our menu is made from scratch without msg and we only use non-frozen chicken.”



Q1) Which is the most famous chicken dish in the world?


Chicken lovers have varying tastes, and it is hard to pick one dish for them. However, Chicken Sando Box is something they all love to eat among the food Monrovia.


Q2) Which is the top chicken restaurant Monrovia?


Many people prefer chicken over anything in Monrovia; Hella bird offers the best chicken in Monrovia with a wide array of dishes on the menu.


Q3) Is chicken a good source of protein?


Chicken is perhaps the most nutritious food for a protein diet; chicken breast among the parts has the most protein content per ounce of its weight.


Q4) Which chicken restaurant operate in Monrovia?


Hella bird is the most popular chicken places Monrovia.




Q1) What is unique about the
Korean fried chicken Monrovia?


Korean frying chicken is prepared using an Asian technique of frying where the crust is made very thin by rendering the fat in the skin. Consequently, the skin becomes crunchy.


Q2) Does Korean fried chicken wings Monrovia has a lot of calories?


The Korean chicken wings are deep-fried and have many calories content; almost 20g of it has 50 calories.


Q3) What is korean style crispy fried chicken?


Koreanstyle fried chicken is similar to American fried chicken in that it has a crispy coating and juicy meat.


Q4) Where would I find the best chicken in Monrovia or Pasadena?


You will find perhaps the best chicken wings and fried chicken  in hella bird Monrovia; the place is very famous among locals.